How to apply for the Scholarship

Eligibility Requirements

1. Provide a record of community service: volunteering at school, church, and the community. The leader or director of the organization and or service must document a record of your service in a letter. 

2. Demonstrate a dedication to academics, with a minimum of a 3.0 GPA or a meaningful expression of creativity, and/or additional leadership skills. 

3. Provide proof of graduation and acceptance to a 4-year college/university, community college, or technical school.

4. Complete the attached application, which must be received by the committee on or before the deadline outlined on the application. As a part of the application we require a brief essay, a questionnaire form, an official sealed school transcript, two written recommendations from a school official and one recommendation from a community leader who knows you well. This scholarship applies to Georgia residents only.


The Scholarship Procedure

Scholarships shall be monetary in nature and shall be derived from the Barbara Lewis King Scholarship Foundation which is supported by voluntary contributions, and fundraisers. Scholarships will be provided one time and are not renewable. Applicants will be scheduled for an interview with the Barbara Lewis King Scholarship Foundation Committee and Dr. Barbara Lewis King. Recipients nominated for the scholarship award will be notified by mail. The number and amounts of scholarship distributions will depend upon the number of participants in the Program and the availability of scholarship funds.